Roundtable Discussions on ' The Australian Tax System '

Date : January & February 2023

Location : AZB & Partners office, Mumbai / Hotel Ashok, New Delhi

The Chamber organised a Roundtable Discussion on ‘The Australian Tax System - Fair or Frightening’ for the SMATS Group, (a member of the Chamber) on 31 January in Mumbai and 2 February in New Delhi. Welcome remarks were delivered by Ms. Petula Thomas, CEO, IACC in Mumbai and Mr. Arijit Banarji, representing IACC’s Northern India Chapter Committee, in New Delhi.

The panel discussion was brilliantly moderated by Mr. Steve Douglas, Chairman, SMATS Group. It was great to hear expert insights from him on taxation issues for Australian expatriates and intended migrants to Australia, as he discussed the mechanics, pitfalls, and opportunities of the Australian taxation system for those living in, investing in or intending to move to Australia.

In Australia, SMATS has offices in Perth, Ascot, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Torquay.